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Getting your drivers license is one of the most anticipated times in a teenager’s life. It definitely opens up the door to freedom, independence, and being able to take yourself to and from school and other activities.

Laws for obtaining a drivers license varies by state. In some states you can obtain a license as young as 15. Other states require you to have a permit at 15 ½, then log hours you drive with an adult during that permit period. At 16 you can then get a license to drive on your own. Many states are adding restrictions such as drivers under 18 years of age can’t drive after dark or drive with more than 1 other person in the vehicle. The goal of these laws is to reduce the number of accidents involving teenage drivers. Statistically, they occur in the evening and with more than 1 passenger in the vehicle.

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Obtaining a drivers license requires you to understand the rules of the road and to have been properly trained in them.

You must pass both a written exam and then an actual driving exam. The driving exam usually consists of backing out, stopping at intersections, making both right and left hand turns, and parking. The evaluator will be watching to make sure you are using your mirrors, that both hands remain on the steering wheel, watching for your reaction times to stops, and your ability to part.

Many people become nervous when the take their driving tests. In fact 1 in 10 new drivers will not pass their written exam or driving test the first time around. Most schools offer drivers education courses. These can help new drivers feel more comfortable when it is time to take their tests. They will have had practice tests as well as several driving tests with their instructor. While such a course can be expensive, you will get a deduction when you add the student to your vehicle insurance. That added savings in addition to the peace of mind that they will have more experience when they are out there driving on their own is worth every penny.

Drivers License